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A to Pay - Delay Tracker

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Forfatter: KnifeEdge Consultancy Limited

A simple service to help commuters track delays in their journeys. Once youre set up, you can track any potentially delayed journey on your mobile, and receive a summary email with all the information you need for your delay repay compensation claim

Quickly set up your travel operators with the information about their compensation thresholds, and include a photo of your ticket. Enter some regular journey details and youre ready to go.

You can set a reminder to be able to wake up to the live information for your morning train, or have this information as you leave the office in the evening.

If you get to the station and your train has been cancelled or is running late, you can simply start tracking that delay. As your journey progresses the app will notify you when each compensation band has been breached. You just need to record when your journey actually ended when you stop tracking.

Youll receive a summary email providing all the details you need to make any delay compensation claims youve had, including a photo of your ticket if needed. Our simple tracking flow will then let you track your claim all the way to payment. Choo choo - ching!